Farewell, Oppo.

Dear loyal readers and moderators of OppositeLock,

I regret to announce that my time has come. As the title suggests, I'm leaving.

Before you start protesting, "Noooo! Don't leave!" Trust me, I don't want to either, but I actually have a very good reason to leave. The new confusing commenting system is the least of my concerns. It's the overwhelmingly poor colour choice because I'm colourblind along with other vision difficulties. This issue was discussed in a great detail in this post. Unfortunately, my resignation represents the Gawker IT team's failure to listen to my critical feedback regarding this issue.

You can catch up on everything I've done here by going to Zorro's Corner. There are hundreds of posts that may interest you. QOTD posts, Baking Tip posts, The Forgotten Concept Cars of the Year posts, you name it. Speaking of concept cars, I apologise, but it doesn't look like TFCCotY 50's and 80's posts will get their second parts.

I shall return once the Gawker IT team addresses the colouring issue. Although I doubt it will happen anytime soon because my critical feedback was largely ignored.

It was a honour to write for OppositeLock. Thank you and I'm going to miss many of you. For the last time: Cheers! :)

Farewell, Oppo.

My non-colourblind husband scheduled this post for me.

(Top photo: our son drew this picture of our truck and then I animated it; bottom photo: 1976 Yellow Fang by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth)