​Good Night, Panna Cotta

Thank you for participating in today's QOTD. If you missed it, here it is: What's the Worst Car to Destroy? Do you think this car would have saved Plymouth from bankruptcy? (more after the jump)

Plymouth Prowler is the car that killed the brand. If Plymouth put Pronto Spyder (pictured above) and Pronto Cruiser (pictured below) concept cars into mass production instead of the Prowler, they'll have a lot of success. Oh well.

​Good Night, Panna Cotta

Baking tip: Hi there, sexy. Mmm… Tell me, do you swallow or spit? What? Huh? Crikey! No, no, that's not what you think!

A stack of empty plates on your table in a bakery or a restaurant isn't for your bread or slice of lemon from your drink. Blimey, who taught you how to eat in a restaurant? Mental. Those empty plates are for you to spit out the food you've tried but didn't like on. Yes, it looks and sounds like the rudest thing to do, but in many cultures, it's not considered to be rude. Restaurants do that to encourage you to try new food. No one should judge the food without trying it first. If you like it, swallow. If you don't like it, spit it out onto the empty plate. I repeat, empty plate, not your napkin or right next to your dinner on the same plate.

If your mum is forcing you to swallow something you don't like, you can protest by saying "mum! I don't have taste buds in my lower oesophagus or stomach! Why do I have to swallow something I've tried but didn't like?" Outsmarting your parents always does the trick. It worked on my parents, haha.

Have a good night, Opponauts of the western hemisphere, cheers! :)

​Good Night, Panna Cotta

(Top photo: 1998 Plymouth Pronto Spyder Concept; centre photo: 1999 Chrysler Pronto Cruiser Concept; bottom photo: panna cotta)