​Good Night, Strawberry Jams

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the The Forgotten Concept Cars of the 60's (Part 1) post. Go right here if you missed it. If Group B was never cancelled, we'll be seeing this forgotten Audi rally car blasting through the forest. Thanks for ruining everything, FIA! (more after the jump)

The TFCCotY 1995 post was published last weekend. Go right here if you missed it.

Baking Tip: It's autumn season, which means it's the canning season! Hooray! Well, for those in the southern hemisphere. When boiling your jam, there will be some foam producing on the surface. Do not be alarmed because it's normal. Your jam can produce bubbles, just like water when it's boiling. Many recipes and cook books recommend that you add 5g (1 tbs) unsalted sweet cream butter to prevent it from foaming like an animal with rabies. However, I do NOT recommend doing that because the butter will make your jam more fattening and shorten the shelf life of your canned jam. Before you're ready to pour the jam into cans, scoop the foam out with a nonmetallic spoon like a bamboo spoon. The foam doesn't taste great and it can spoil your jam if you don't scoop it out.

Have a good night, Opponauts of the western hemisphere, cheers! :)

​Good Night, Strawberry Jams

(Top photo: 1986 Audi Sport Quattro RS002 Prototype; bottom photo: strawberry jam)