​Good Night, Wienerbrød

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the The Forgotten Concept Cars of the 50's (Part 1) post. Go right here if you missed it. I know my post lacked any brown manual diesel wagons and I apologise. Did you know that the Viper RT/10 Concept wasn't the first Viper? This one was. (more after the jump)

Looks like we got lucky this time. Now we cross our fingers the horribly racist, colourblind-people-hating Kinja update won't happen for another week.

Baking Tip: Stop wasting your perfectly good ingredients! When experimenting with a recipe with different quantities of dry and wet ingredients, it's recommended to add wet ingredients gradually to the mixture. Add ⅓ or ¼ of the "wet" bowl contents to the mixture at a time while mixing. That way, you'll know when your mixture has too much liquid. Not only it gives you more control, it also distributes the ingredients more equally. This is one of the most common errors in the kitchen when it comes to custom recipes.

Have a great weekend, Opponauts of the western hemisphere, cheers! :)

​Good Night, Wienerbrød

(Top photo: 1989 Dodge Viper VM-01 Concept; bottom photo: wienerbrød, my husband and I taught our son how to make it last night)