Kinja and Colour Blindness

Dear Kinja Tech Support, I have an issue that I'd like to address.

I was absent during the latest Kinja update, and I'm disappointed to learn that the new colouring scheme is impossible for me to read now due to my colour blindness. I can no longer see the links and author names because they're so light they blend into the background. When I add a hyperlink to a text, it blends into the background. One of my posts is a fine example of this issue, you can see it right here (scroll down).

I tried increasing the contrast and brightness on my Macintosh's screen but they only make the problem worse. The screen is calibrated (with Spyder 3 monitor calibrator), so, I know it's Kinja, not the screen.

Can you please darken the colouring scheme for links and author names? Everything else that is black is fine and readable.

Thank you very much for your time, cheers!