If You're Naming Your Kid After a Car, What Will It Be?

Automakers have been giving their cars wicked names but we're not that good at giving humans wicked names. There's a lot of people with fatally boring names like John, Bob, and Mik—*gasps* Uh-oh! *dies* More unique names are needed to keep us awake.

Can you imagine letting your favourite automaker name your kid? Oh dear, I forgot some automakers have a history of giving their cars hilarious sexually suggestive names. Well, I hope it's nothing like… *drum roll* Probe, Homy Super Long, Naked, or Scrum.

If my soon to be husband Ivan and I decide to adopt a boy, we'll replace his original first name with Diablo, named after Lamborghini Diablo. Diablo means "devil" in Spanish. To be quite frank, I don't think there's a car name that's wickeder than Diablo.

If you've been given the honour to name your kid after a car, what will it be?

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