My blindness is about to claim the remainder of my eyesight. I'm not afraid because I'm ready. I will be fine, so will my family and friends. Please think positive! Here's a quick update. Some of you noticed I haven't posted in over a month, here's why. I was in the process of putting together the world's BIGGEST post. It's so big it's making my longest The Forgotten Concept Cars of the Year post look short! GameCat235 only saw half of it! Due to my blindness, my family is taking over to finish it. I expect it to go live this month [SEE BELOW FOR AN UPDATE]. There will be a shorter version of the big post with my son's comments. Oh, and ja, they will be followed by a Baking Tips post.

It was a pleasure writing for OppositeLock. Please do well in life! Cheers! :)

P.S. Here's a hint about the big post: prancing horse, but it has nothing to do with Italy.