What Do Your Kids Like and Hate the Most About Cars?

It's not uncommon to be blinded by your own opinions when it comes to cars. Kids are very open to new ideas and things, and they're far less judgemental. Sometimes kids have the ability to force us to see things that we, as adults, would probably overlook. It's true and you know it too.

This QOTD is very simple. Did you do the homework that I gave you yesterday? Yes? Oh, excellent! Please turn it in the comments.

What Do Your Kids Like and Hate the Most About Cars?

My husband and I questioned our son and here are his answers. He answered in NZSL, but I translated into English.

"What do you like the most about cars?"

"They take me to school and places to hike and take photos."

"What do you hate the most about cars?"

"They look the same."

Just to clarify the last answer, he was talking about new cars that are common like Civics and Corollas.

Unsurprisingly, we agree with him. Not bad for someone who like motorcycles and quad bikes more than cars.

Were you surprised with the answers from your kids or young relatives?