​What Was the Biggest "Never Mind" in the Automotive Industry?

Automakers put their cars out of production after many successful years for a facelift or a new generation, or because they no longer meet the safety standards. Some cars were in production for decades, but on the other hand, some of them were in production for under a year.

Cars that went out of production at a young age are usually caused by poor sales, poor planning, and so on. Sometimes corruption, lack of vision, and incompetence are the factors (hello Dany Bahar, how are you?).

​What Was the Biggest "Never Mind" in the Automotive Industry?

In 2008, Chrysler gleefully introduced two new hybrid SUVs, Chrysler Aspen Hybrid and Dodge Durango Hybrid, for the 2009 model year. The SUVs were powered by a HEMI V8 engine producing 250kW (350hp), and they had a better fuel economy than their non-hybrid counterparts. The production started on 22 August. The SUVs became available for pre-order in early October and Chrysler received over 3,000 pre-orders. Unfortunately, on 23 October, Chrysler ended the production, scrapped the plans, turned off the lights, and closed the blinds. The SUVs were in production for under a month and disappeared before they can roll off the assembly line. Only 400 examples were built, but it's unknown if they were delivered.

The cause? The closure of the Chrysler assembly plant in Newark, Delaware, USA. Chrysler was stupidly building those SUVs at an assembly plant that they were planning on closing.

What car was short lived because an automaker said, "oh, never mind"?