What's the Strangest Thing You've Ever Run Over?

The roads around you are never clear of roadkills, car parts, vibrating sex toys, eaten apples, and other things. It's frustrating to keep your eye on the road for those in big busy cities. There are many things you don't want to know by looking back in the rear view mirror, but you will for some certain things.

Sometimes there is no room to manoeuvre, leaving you with not much choice but to run over what's in front of your car. Prying out the mess that got lodged in your tyres by other people isn't fun, but who else will do it? Reality check: LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

What's the Strangest Thing You've Ever Run Over?

My new family and I accidentally ran over a toothpaste tube over the weekend. It fell off a truck bed that was nearly overflowing with bags of groceries (presumably for New Zealand Day). We were driving on a single lane bridge with no room to manoeuvre when we felt the toothpaste tube pop under the tyres. There was no traffic behind us, so, we stopped to pick up the crushed and torn box with a blown toothpaste tube inside to recycle. Some toothpaste got on the tyres, but at least we got a free spearmint air fresher!

Please no animal death stories!

What was the strangest thing you've left tyre marks all over?

Update: ttyymmnn published a similar QOTD in the past. Great minds think alike!