What Was the Oddest 80's Car or Commercial Vehicle?

Since we all know that the US doesn't get everything automakers have or had to offer to the rest of the world, this may be an interesting QOTD on Oppo.

We normally recognise VW for their popular hatchbacks, sedans, estates, vans, and SUVs around the world in today's automobile market. VW was and still is building odd commercial vehicles such as trucks and panel vans outside of the US. Most of these oddities never made it into the US but for few years in early 80's, one of them did: VW Rabbit. It's also known as VW Rabbit Pickup in the US; Caddy elsewhere in later years. That's what you're looking at in the picture above.

What Was the Oddest 80's Car or Commercial Vehicle?

VW Rabbit Pickup is an odd byproduct of an experiment VW performed on a Golf MK1's chassis. It's basically a pickup version of Golf MK1 with similar advantages: compact, light, and cheap. When it sprang in Pennsylvania, USA, several trim levels was offered, including the sporty "Sportruck" package. It competed with other mini trucks during that time. It quickly vanished few years later and it's rarely seen anywhere nowadays. Very few people knew about VW Caddy/Rabbit Pickup's existence. It needs to be remembered more.

I'd be surprised if other automakers—particularly those ones that don't normally build odd cars and/or commercial vehicles—do just that during the 80's.

It doesn't have to be US-only; it can be from anywhere.

What's the oddest 80's car or commercial vehicle?