​What's the Ugliest Concept Car Ever Built?

Concept cars are drool-worthy eye sweet. They're the reason most people attend major car shows. It seems like concept cars get far more attention than production cars on display around them. Do you know which concept cars are getting hardly any attention?

The answer is simply this: ugly ones.

It's no wonder unattractive concept cars fall into the "forgotten concept cars" category. In many cases, they're better off being forgotten. We should be thankful that many ugly concept cars never went into production, so, we won't be forced to see them on our daily commute. However, today we're going to show our respect by digging them up and mocking them.

​What's the Ugliest Concept Car Ever Built?

Crikey, I wonder what's wrong with the car in this photo. Birth deformity? In 1946, Cadillac developed the Interceptor, a concept car that is mostly made of clay. There is no additional information about this deformed dead weight. But the chances are good it didn't even have an engine, and it was abandoned and destroyed. The designers at Cadillac probably carved the whole car only to decide which headlight looks better. Remember, it's 1946, and 3D CAD didn't exist at that time.

Feel free to nominate an experimental vehicle or a preproduction prototype. What concept car is an eyesore?