What's the Most Awesome Christmas Tree Ornament For a Petrolhead?

Christmas is just a week away! Ho! Ho! Ho! Let's gather around and talk about petrolhead approved Christmas tree ornaments over hot cocoa!

Of course, we have many things that represent our love for cars. I hope those things include Christmas tree ornaments. Your house guests would like to learn more about you by looking at the ornaments on your Christmas tree.

What's the Most Awesome Christmas Tree Ornament For a Petrolhead?

My husband and I have many petrolhead ornaments on our tree, but this one is my all time favourite. Aww, look at that! Isn't it cute? Me mum bought it for me when I was 4 and I still have it to this day. According to my cousin who collects Hot Wheels, the car in the blister pack is a miniature copy of the Hot Wheels Deora from 1968. At 35mm long, the miniature Deora is roughly one eighth the size of the real Hot Wheels one. There is a hatch on the back of the blister pack that lets you remove the miniature Deora. Unfortunately, the wheels don't spin and the surfboards aren't removable, but to make up for it, it's metal and beautifully painted metallic red.

I wish there's a Lesney Matchbox Superfast version of this ornament. Ah well, I can always hang real deal ones to the tree by wrapping the hook around their axles.

What Christmas tree ornament best describes your love for cars?